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What is Sash?

Sash is a JUNIOR school company from the Carl Zeiss High School near Berlin. We recycle maps, atlases and especially beverage cartons. From this we develop our products such as notepads, luggage tags and bookmarks.

JUNIOR is a program that aims to provide students with economic and entrepreneurial knowledge.
At federal level, JUNIOR is supported by the german Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie), German Economic Institute (IW), Gesamtmetall, the AXA, the Deloitte foundation, AT&T and the Citigroup.

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Our team

Our team consists of seven girls and three boys. Our tasks are clearly distributed and the company structure is clear.
This is how we learn how a real company works and is managed.


You can download our order form here. Please fill it out in writing if possible and either send it by email to [sash@carl-zeiss-oberschule.de] or by post back to the following address.

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